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General Assembly of RIPESS Europe 2017 (summary)

RIPESS Europe – Solidarity Economy Europe’s General Assembly took place in the context of the UniverSSE Congress, in the premises of the agricultural University in Athens, on Friday June 9, 2017 and according to the usual operation of the European network, when the AG takes place in the framework of a Congress, it was a shorter meeting. Read more

UniverSSE 2017: an inter-galactic program!
June 5, 2017

Solidarity Economy is live and thriving, if what you can see through the telescope of the 4th European Congress on SSE is just a small part of what is moving in Europe and around the world.  Here is the program of the Congress, with a multitude of meetings, networking events, workshops and round tables that show the richness of the initiatives and organisations behind it. And since the technologies are there, the UNIVERSSE also has an Application for telephones and tablets:

UniverSSE 2017: events by RIPESS EU members
June 1, 2017

As part of UniverSSE2017, RIPESS Europe is proud to announce the important member’s investement on the issues and debates about Social Solidarity Economy in Europe.

This is the list of the main events promoted or with participation by RIPESS Europe members.


FRIDAY 9th, 18 :00 – 21 :00

OPEN PLENARY : Matter and Energy of UniverSSE: Democratizing Economy, Emancipating Society, Empowering Change

Patricia Coler, Movement pour l’ Economie Solidaire, MES (France)

Georgia Bekridaki, DOCK Greece

Jason Nardi, Solidarius Italia


SATURDAY 10th  10:00 – 12:00

Agroecology: a key element for responsible production and consumption, and fighting climate change

Judith Hitchman, President of Urgenci (International CSA Network)

Gaelle Bigler, member of the Urgenci Kernel, European CSA Research Group, representative of Swiss CSA network

The future of SSE in Europe: How do we co-build public policies with the institutions

Jean-Louis Laville, CNAM and Advisory Council of RIPESS EU, France

Laura Aufrere, Fédérale d’ Intervention des Structures Culturelles – France (UFISC/RIPESS)

Patricia Andriot, French network of Local Authorities for implementing Social Economy in Public Policies – RTES

Coordination: Eric Lavilluniere, INEES Luxembourg

Financing the solidarity revolution: Concepts and tools of financing the universe of SSE

Carlos Askunze, REAS RdR, Spain

Coordination: Jason Nardi, Solidarius Italia

Promoting SSE in different areas of training to accelerate the social transition

Josette Combes, RIUESS, France

Soana Tortora, Solidarius Italia

Rogerio Amaro, Summer school on ESS, RedPES, Portugal

Coordination: Bruno Lasnier, MES (Mouvement pour l’ Economie Solidaire), France


SATURDAY 10th  12:15 – 14:15

Fair and solidarity trade: Past, present and future

Gabriella D’Amico, World Fair Trade Organization Europe and Tavolo RES, Italy

Contributor: Member of Solidarity 4 all

Practices on commons I: Natural commons

Mathieu Richard, RESCOOP (European network of Energy cooperatives)

Making laws work for the development of SSE: comparing experiences between Spain, France and Greece.
Organized by Heinrich Böll Foundation

Patricia Coler, MES–Movement for Solidarity Economy, France

Carlos Askunze, REAS RdR, Network of networks for the Solidarity economy, Spain

Françoise Wautiez, Socioeco.org

Contributor: Member of Solidarity 4 all


SATURDAY 10th  16.30 – 18.30

The daily challenge of “existing” collaboration in cooperative initiatives

Laura Aufrere, UFISC- Union Fédérale d’ Intervention des Structures  Culturelles, France

Local government and SSE: Political direction and synergies

Nora Inwinkl, Solidarius Italia

Patricia Andriot, Network of Local Authorities for Social Economy of France – RTES

Ivan Miró, Solidarity Economy Network of Catalonia – XES

Another economy is possible! Time Banking – P2P Currencies

Ruby Van der Wekken, Commons.fi – Time Bank in Finland

Member of Solidarity 4 all


The Localisation – Degrowth – transition movement as an alternative to the destruction of the environment and the local communities

Eric Lavilluniere, General Coordinator – RIPESS Europe, Reconomy project Luxembourg Transition Network

Towards a democracy of commons: Approaches and pursuits

Ruby Van der Wekken, Siemenpuu Foundation and Commons.fi, Finland

The challenge of SSE in particular socio-political conditions

Markéta Vinkelhoferová, Ecumenical academy, Fair & Bio Cooperative Roastery, Czech Republic

Lana Zdravkovi, Peace Institute, Slovenia

Zanda Skuja, Green Liberty , Latvia

Colm Massey, Solidarity Economy Association, UK

Pavlina Petrova, Ideas Factory, Bulgaria


SATURDAY 10th  16.30 – 18.30

1st European Alternative Media and SSE Meeting (1st part)

Organised and coordinated by Ripess EU and The Journalists’ Journal (EF.SYN)

Be part of the Universse 2017: Call for Ideas for the 4th European SSE Congress in Athens

Be part of the Universse 2017

Democratising Economy, Emancipating Society, Empowering Change

The 4th European Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) Congress will take place in Athens on the 9/10/11th of June. Cooperatives, grassroots initiatives, SSE organisations, groups and people that work to promote and advance SSE from all over Europe will meet for the event.

During the 3day Congress, we are going to have the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas, experiences, expertise and common strategies around SSE. We consider SSE to be a dynamic space that spreads all over Europe, in which people organise their social and economic activity in many different ways.

This event is a great opportunity to enhance SSE’s visibility in Greece and to build strong connections amongst people, groups and coops on a European level.

We are also happy to announce that the 6th General Assembly of RIPESS EU – Solidarity Economy Europe will be held in Athens as well, as part of the Congress.

Call for ideas

While the organisation team works for the success of this congress, we are looking forward to receiving your ideas regarding the following themes that wprioritiseze to discuss during the 3day Congress.

The procedure will be the following:

Every group, network or individual that is interested in participating on the process of formulating the program, could send ideas according to the following axes, until 05/03/2017 through our email: call@universse2017.org

Proposed axes:

1) Concepts, forms and fields of social solidarity economy and cooperativism

2) Responsible consumption, production and climate change

3) Practices of SSE on social integration with a special focus on refugees issues

4) Social innovation: Research, technology, education and tools for SSE

5) Commons: Approaches and practices on digital, natural, urban, cultural common goods

6) Public policies (on local, national, European level) promoting SSE : From whom, for who, what for.

7) Open space / Free zone

We invite ideas indicating the thematic area you refer to and the format of the meeting you propose (workshop, panel discussion, etc.). After the deadline (05/03/2017), the organizational team will assess all proposals and arrange them in clusters. Within these clusters we will make an effort to include as many ideas sent as possible.

The main intention is to organize the Congress along with the main axes (plus the free zone area) in order to enable a common vision while allowing for the exchange of different perspectives and experiences.

Check for updates and contact us

Organizational Team contact: call@universse2017.org – www.universse2017.org

Ripess EU contact: info@ripess.eu – www.ripess.eu

4th European Solidarity Economy Congress in Athens, 9-11 June 2017
December 18, 2016
Athens 2017

SAVE THE DATE!  The next European SSE Congress (and RIPESS General Assembly) will take place in Athens, Greece on the 9-10-11th of June 2017, as decided in the last General Assembly in Villarceaux, Paris. The local organising committee is coordinated by DOCK – Social and solidarity economy zone.

DOCK is the Greek initiative that emerged from Solidarity for All as a new, independent organisation dedicated to the promotion of SSE in Greece, contribute to the networking while they build a supporting infrastructure for existing and potential SSE initiatives.
An organisational team has been already formed and has start to work in all aspects of the Congress. The general framework will be arround the role of SSE in re-inventing democracy and building networked alternatives. Some of the thematics zones that are already proposed are SSE and refugees, SSE and commons, public policies, SSE and cooperativism movement, social impact, peer learning.
In the coming months, a process of co-construction of the event programme will be activated to which all groups, networks and organizations practising forms of social economy and solidarity are invited. We strongly invite you to contribute to the formulation of the contents of the Congress by telling us what you would like to share from your work and initiatives. Furthermore we would like you to propose what themes or in which areas of SSE you would prefer to exchange and learn from the experiences of others.

For more information: info@ripess.eu

Greece: 3rd Festival for Solidarity and Cooperative Economy (10-12 October 2014)
October 9, 2014

Athens, October 10-12 2014 – The #Festival4sce – or Festival for Solidarity and Cooperative Economy – is attracting more and more initiatives: for the third consecutive year at the Cultural Centre of Helliniko, for the first time this year foreign initiatives will be participating apart from the Greek ones. Including participants form the RIPESS Europe member networks, like Jordi Ribas (XES).

With the slogan “Another World Already Exists”, the  Programme Of The Festival is very rich and inviting.  Visit the Crowdfunding Campaign to support the self-financed event.  And the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube social network feeds…

“In a Greece of social, economic and environmental crisis, where the state social structures are collapsing and the commons are under threat,  where unemployment and economic distress are a reality for many of us… those to blame for the scam they call “the crisis” have not been held responsible for their crimes and the rotten promise of magical growth is still a repeated mantra.

But not all of us are sitting idle and settling for empty promises. On the contrary, we are participating more and more actively in groups and networks of solidarity, alternative exchange and cooperative economy, giving life to a world where human values count much more than profit making.

These projects, which are expanding across all over the country, do not only represent a way of survival in our everyday struggles, but also represent a society that has rejected the capitalistic system of values.

We, the groups that co-organize and participate in the Festival of Solidarity & Cooperative Economy, do not expect to cash our action in for votes, future earnings or social recognition, like other charitable or (non)social organisations that advertise their so-called “social action” do.

Our ultimate goal is to create social, and hence economic, structures that are based on people and not on profit. We don’t want to return to the Pre-Memorandum* times;  we foster instead self-organisation, self-sufficiency and true prosperity, regardless of economic indicators.

The large-scale participation in the first and the second Festival left a smile on our faces and a lot of food for thought as well as a strong willing for more action. Today we are preparing for the continuation of this effort, expanding frontiers and aiming at networking and exchanging experiences and concerns among groups, but also informing citizens about a different world, a world that is not only feasible and imperative, but one that already exists.”

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