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REAS new web portal of Solidarity Economy
February 5, 2018

The REAS – Red de Redes de Economía Alternativa y Solidaria has a renewed web portal on Solidarity Economy, in a veta release. You can visit it at the usual address economiasolidaria.org.

The Portal has been realised thanks to a crowdfunding  campaign (with Goteo.org) and has many new sections and contents.

“Europe and SSE – the time has come!” (January 12, 2018) in Lille

With nearly 170 participants and high density debates, the conference “Europe and SSE, the time has come!” organised by RTES and REVES was a success and a strong impulse to follow up the committed work.

A dense morning allowed to draw the landscape of the question of social and solidarity economy at a European level. The presentation of a mapping to highlight the different SSE approaches in the Union countries, the presentation of a report from the experts group with the European Commission, the testimonies of the local authorities committed in social and solidarity economy projects with a European dimension or financing, the presentation of the position of RIPESS Europe on the co-construction of public policies (see here) and finally the strong words of experts on these questions and of the Commission representative, Ulla Engelmann and of European MEP, Marie-Christine Vergiat, allowed to tackle the issues around this thematic.

The complete article is available in French here.

ATTAC: the economic alternatives
January 9, 2018

ATTAC, as alterglobalization movement, has been developping for several years a reflection on concrete alternatives. Members of RIPESS EU – Solidarity Economy Europe have participated several times to the works of the French association’s summer universities. In October 2017, ATTAC published the #111 of its magazine “Lignes d’Attac”, dedicated to the alternatives. You will be able to find there contributions byt Jason Nardi on ethical finance and Josette Combes, who is both member of RIPESS EU and the ATTAC alternative commission, in a perspective of a convergence between both big movements,– alterglobalization and Social and Solidarity economy.

Publication : Social movements and solidarity economy
January 9, 2018

Mouvements sociaux et économie solidaire, Editions Desclée de Brouwer, Paris, France, november 2017

This collective publication, coordinated by Jean-Louis Laville, Elisabeta Bucolo, Geoffrey Pleyers, José Luis Coraggio, deals with the essential issue of the meeting between social movements and the solidariy economy actors. The book highlights the miscellaneous forms of dialogue among the multiple spheres of the initiatives and the mobilisation of citizen forces to promote a new economic and political narrative driven by the individual and collective intitiatives. You will be able to find analysis from several RIPESS EU members. Jean-Louis Laville is a member of the RIPESS EU advisory committee. For more information on the publication, see socioeco.org

Enercoop wins the Enterprises and environment Award
January 8, 2018

This year, Enercoop participated to the Enterprises and Environment Awards, a national contest organized by the Ecological and solidarity-based Transition Ministry and ADEME that honours the exemplary actions and projects driven by enterprises in the field of environment. We are happy to announce that the energy cooperative 100 % renewable won the first prize in the category Struggle against Climate Change!

RIUESS Manifesto
January 2, 2018

Created in 2000, The Inter-University Network of Social and Solidarity Economy ( Réseau Inter-Universitaire de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire, RIUESS) is composed of around 30 universities and is widely opened to the international. It allows the French-speaking teachers and researchers from several disciplines – economics, sociology, management, law, communication, political sciences, geography…– to confront their works, in particular through the annual Meetings and to expand their training offer (you can find all the communications from the Meetings in socioeco.org).

As an association since 2016, the RIUESS seeks to extend and reinforce its approach. Its ambition is to aprtcipate in full to the collective debates on the possible futures of the SSE, in particular through a bigger visbiity for its positions and analisis.

The university reserach and training are full components of the SSE dynamism, that is the reason why they require the full aknowledgement from public aithorities. The manifesto below (in French) – available in short version (1 page) and in in long (3 pages) – represents the first step to such an aknowledgement.

Contact : manifeste@riuess.org 

 Manifeste RIUESS Version courte 

 Manifeste RIUESS Version longue 


The Commons Transition Primer
December 22, 2017

The P2P Foundation is happy to share its recently completed project, the Commons Transition Primer website, with new and adapted texts by P2P Foundation Members, including Michel Bauwens. With illustrations, infographics, key concepts definitions and case studies , the Primer emphazises the value of P2P and Commons approaches to work, politics, economic, environment and culture. Read more

Economistas sin Fronteras

Economistas sin Fronteras (EsF) is an non governmental organization of Development (ONGD), founded in 1997 by a group of university teachers and others, actively involved and worried about inequalities and poverty. Read more

What if the alternative to supermarkets was cooperative supermarkets?
December 22, 2017
  • Democratizing the access to agrocological food engages us to go towards more ambitious models, bigger and more complex, that can also be more inclusive.
  • and if big can also be beautiful? And if to build a cooperative supermarket represented a part of the solution? Are we able to identify positive aspects for supermarkets and translate them into the logic and values of solidarity economy?

Read more

The Regional Forum of Social and Solidarity Economy in Occitania, 17th edition
December 21, 2017

A big success for the FRESS that gathered on the 17 and 18 of November, more than 800 visitors, 80 solidarity-based entrepreneurs and proposed around 30 workshops and conferences. Read more

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