Being the European Platform of a broader Solidarity Economy Network, RIPESS Europe shares values and principles with RIPESS International. RIPESS is an intercontinental network that connects social and solidarity economy networks  throughout the world.  As a network of networks, it brings together continental networks, that in turn bring together national and sectoral networks.

The 6 continental members of RIPESS designate two representatives each (with the exception of Oceania) to the RIPESS Board of Directors, taking gender balance into consideration. Coordination and Vice-coordination are carried out on a continental rota basis by RIPESS Board members. They are jointly responsible for the implementation of the action plan, together with the Secretariat. There are also two seats on the Board that are reserved for international organisations (present on at least 3 continents). One of these was filled in 2016.

Members of the Board of Directors


Elyse Pierrette  MEMONG (Réseau Camerounais de l’ESS – RESCAM) Cameroon

SYLLA Aboubakari (Réseau Ivoirien de l’ESS – RIESS) Ivory Coast


RIPESS Latin America and the Caribbean – RIPESS LAC

Raúl Luna Rodríguez (Grupo Red de Economía Solidaria del Perú – GRESP) Peru

Ana Leighton Escobar (Red Economía Solidaria Santiago Chile) Chile


RIPESS North America – RIPESS NA

Emily Kawano (United States Social Economy Network – US-SEN) USA

Yvon Poirier (The Canadian Community Economic Development Network – CCEDNet) Canada



Shigeru Tanaka (Pacific Asia Resource Center -PARC) Japan

Christie Rowena “Tetay” Plantilla (Federation of People’s Sustainable Devt. Cooperatives) Philippines



Jason Nardi (Solidarius) Italy

Josette Combes (Mouvement MES) France


RIPESS Oceania

David Thompson (Jobs Australia) Australia


international Organizations 

Judith Hitchman (Urgenci)



Coordinator: Jason Nardi

Vice Coordinator: Yvon Poirier

 executive Secretary: Laure Jongejans Salinas

Communication officer: Alexandre Durrande

With the support of the technical secretaries from each continent.

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