During the General Assembly in Villarceaux (July 2014), a proposal was made, concerning future perspectives for the governance of the network.
The constitution of an Advisory Board was proposed, with the following functions:

– Help to build the theoretical and historical heritage of the network;
– Help to develop the strategic axes of the network;
– Develop records that can help to formulate the pronouncements of COCO;
– Respond to the requests from COCO, according to an agenda;
– Help the working groups, if appropriate;
– Disseminate the knowledge and information acquired to the network’s

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The Assembly approved the constitution of the Advisory Board.  The members are:

  • Jean Luis Laville (France)
  • Rogerio Roque Amaro (Portugal)
  • Tonino Perna (Italy)
  • Jordi Estivill (Spain)
  • Eva Fakete (Hungary)

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