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A cartoon video on the European Investment Bank (EIB)
Call to reform the EIB

Counter Balance has produced a cartoon video on the European Investment Bank (EIB), aimed at raising awareness among EU citizens about the bank, its challenges and room for improvements. The video also contains a call for action, to collect citizens’ support on our EIB Reform Manifesto, addressed to the EU election candidates and the next European Parliament.

The video is in English and has so far been subtitled in 8 EU languages.

Belgium: When SSE meets international cooperation (video)
October 1, 2016
Salvatore Vetro - Autre Terre

As part of the activities of the Européen project SUSYSOS Faim met with the NGO Autre Terre (RIPESS Eu member), a development organisation that takes advantage of its experience in Social and Solidarity Economy in Belgium to strengthen and support economic development project in Africa and Latine America… and that also benefits from the experiences of its partners in the South to strengthen its own activity in Belgium. It’s a great example of mutualisation and exchange between the North and the South, the South and the North, the South and the South and the North and the North!

Language: FR (subtitled in EN)


Jessica Gordon Nembhard: Building a Cooperative Solidarity Commonwealth
August 8, 2016
A really profound and well structured paper on the practice of Co-operative Commonwealth, uniting the Solidarity Economy, the Commons movement and Co-op Commonwealth. It is by Jessica Gordon Nembhard, member of the US Solidarity Economy Network and part of the Next System Project.

Jessica Gordon Nembhard is a political economist and professor of community justice and social economic development in the Africana Studies Department at John Jay College, City University of New York. She has numerous publications on cooperative economics, community economic development, credit unions, wealth inequality, community wealth, and Black political economy.

This interview by journalist Laura Flanders from 2014 gives an idea of the history and solidarity practices of African americans, which the Jessica Gordon Nembhard talks about in another very informative an enlightening publication, “Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice”.

Solikon 2015: Solidarity Economy European congress in Berlin

We know Other Ways!

RIPESS Europe co-organised  the 3rd Congress (after Barcelona in 2011 and Lille in 2013), from 10th to 13th September 2015 in Berlin, with the Forum Solidarische Oekonomie network.

5th-9th September  – Week of change – expeditions to collectives and alternate practice projects in Berlin and Brandenburg

10th-13th September – Congress on Solidarity Economy and Transformation at Technical University Berlin

Learn from existing alternatives, join forces and set precedent. The SOLIKON 2015 sets ideas in motion, bringing them out of the minds and onto the fertile pastures of our society and combines ideas which must be considered in unison: The theory and practice of a solidarity economy alternative. The SOLIKON Congress and the Week of Change from 5-13 September 2015 at the Technical University Berlin.

To overcome capitalism, how will this work? 
Indeed, the battle has already begun.
The only question is: will the end be barbaric?

(André Gorz)

The time to act is now, before our ecosystem collapses and buries us under the remains of growth and prosperity.

On the 10th of September at noon the congress starts with a regional (Berlin and Brandenburg) focus. In the course of the congress, both national and international dimensions will be adressed with hot topics like trade (TTIP and other trade agreements), climate change, fair trade and positive examples of the regional fora for solidarity economy in Latin America, as well as in other continents like Asia and Africa. There will also will be a focus on convergences among different alternative economy movements. The event will end on Sunday the 13th of September with the „planning“ of the next steps.

The main organizer of the congress is the German Forum for Solidarity Economy. Co-­organizers are RIPESS Europe, the ZTG (Center for Technology and Society at the Tech University Berlin), the ZEWK (Centre for Scientific Further Education and Cooperation at the TU Berlin) as well as other 40 other partners.

RIPESS Europe  co-organized the 3rd Congress (after Barcelona in 2011 and Lille in 2013), from 10thto 13th September 2015 in Berlin, with the Forum Solidarische Oekonomie network. This event will allow both the German networks to exchange and build new strategic visions of organization and action, but it’s also an opportunity for the whole European network to make a complete review of our activities until now, strategize and continue the expansion of solidarity economy in Europe. We invite you to actively participate and send your ideas and suggestions. We are already working on a program to have the opportunity to discuss with other alternative economy approaches (from the transition towns to degrowth, from the commons and peer economy, to fair trade, etc.). This will help us verify the possibility we have about “convergences” among the different approaches and progress on several topics. A workshop will be dedicated to the about Soclidarity Economy Overview in Europe also.

The 4th General Assembly will take place during the congress, on Friday 11th September 2015, between 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM.  The proposed agenda is the following:

  • Activity Report of RIPESS Europe for 2014
  • Financial report of RIPESS Europe for 2014
  • Strategic Orientation of RIPESS Europe for 2015-2018
  • Presentation of European project supported by RIPESS Europe
  • New Membership requests presentations
  • Renewal of Coordination committee


Practical information for the Congress:

Please find here : The Solikon Concept


Find here RIPESS Europe PROGRAM (Workshop, Roundtable and plenary animated by the RIPESS Europe)

Location of the event :

Straße des 17. Juni 136, D-10623

Technical university of BERLIN, GERMANY

Time: 10th -13th. September 2015

The recommended cost contributions  for the full Congress are:

95.00 € Solidarity-Contribution
55.00 € cost-covering fee and
30.00 € reduced fee.
10 € day fee for Thursday: only for Thursday September 10 (regional day) possible.

All contributions will be used for the organization of the Congress. The majority of the organizers of the Congress are working as volunteers.

Link for the  REGISTRATION 

Click here for more information about :  ACCOMODATION

Contact :

Deutsch team:

Workshops: workshops@solikon2015.org
Press inquiries: Dana.Berg@solikon2015.org and Maria.Schmidt@solikon2015.org
Cooperation requests: dagmar.embshoff@solidarische-oekonomie.de
Helpers and volunteers before and during the congress: backbone@solikon2015.org
Transformation week: wandelwoche@solikon2015.org

RIPESS Europe team :

Arielle Ndimbiarivola: communication@ripess.eu and arielle.ripess@gmail.com 
Jason Nardi: info@ripess.eu

Don’t forget to participate on RIPESS Europe survey for Solidarity Economy Overview 

For more information : [Click here]


Potential and limits of Social Solidarity Economy (UNRISD – Geneva 2013)
October 23, 2013

The International conference “Potential and Limits of Social Solidarity Economy” took place in Geneva on 6-8 May 2013. Some 300 participants from 35 countries representing academia, the UN development community, SSE practitioners as well as NGOs and civil society attended. The conference was organized in collaboration with the International Labour Organization and UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service.  Conference papers, presentations and podcasts.  Event Brief of the conference (also available in French and Spanish).

Here is a brief recap of the sessions and outputs.

Lille Congress of RIPESS Europe – 2013
Foundation Congress of RIPESS Europe
September 9, 2011

Foundation Congress: the RIPESS EU Manifesto
September 9, 2011


RIPESS Europe – Foundation Congress 2011 – Images
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