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IDEARIA 2015 in Cordoba

The 12th edition of the alternative economy and solidarity meeting took place at the Institute of education secondary Maimonides in Cordoba from April 30 to May 2rd May 2015. RIPESS EU was represented by ADEPES MIDI-PYRENES. The meeting was organized by IDEAS, the biggest fair trade structure in Spain.

Alternative economy and solidarity? Words that sound really impacting for European SSE actor like us, engaged in the development of a solidarity territory. Cordoba is the historical melting pot place for Spanish solidarity economy actors. The meeting was a great opportunity for RIPESS Europe to build new covenant. Indeed, the attendees have found enough similarities to consider joint work with the new European framework INTEREG funds. A meeting between Spain and France is expected during the next few months.

REAS, the Spanish “network of networks” of solidarity economy actors (XES Catalonia, REAS Andalusia, REAS Castille, REAS, Aragon, REAS Navarre, REAS Euskadi,…) held its Annual General Meeting and celebrate its 20 years. Just a few months before the French Solidarity Economy Mouvement’s (MES) National Congress, which will be held on the 12th and 13th June 2015, in Toulouse and will also celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Moreover, we note a very similar strategy when it comes to social auditing, responsible purchasing or social market (two concepts worth to be compared), the development sectors (tourism, agriculture, environment), social innovation, cooperatives and ethical finance.

It seems very significant for RIPESS EU to get involved with our partners in the territories on sharing and raising our political vision of the solidarity economy alternative as a strong movement of economic transformation models.

Daniel Tygel intervention, RIPESS intercontinental former executive secretary, was very impressive. He declared: “Solidarity Economy is not so much a sector but a deep movement of our society and citizens, who created “Buen Vivir” and new trends on work cooperation models, services and goods, culture, education and environment.”


Athens: RIPESS EU coordination meets with Greek solidarity economy movements
September 20, 2014
Greece 15 sept 2014 meeting

Between September 14th and 16th 2014, the RIPESS Europe Coordination Committee met in Athens.  They were hosted by Solidarity4all and the Synallois cooperative. Two members of these organisations presented the Greek context during the RIPESS General Assembly that took place in June 2014, as well as the significance of their activities that are aimed at coping with the difficulties that the citizens who are victims of the financial crisis. The measures imposed by the Troika (which is what the Greeks call the European Union, the IMF and the World Bank) have lead to serious impoverishment of the Greek people, as well as a the rise of unemployment (factories and shops and services have closed down), as well as the degradation of working conditions in terms of job insecurity and low salaries. The Committee wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the situation, and meet with people who are organising the resistance to the degradation of living conditions.

The first day was dedicated to presenting RIPESS to the members of the various associations and cooperatives that have been springing up all over the territory. The principle of these meetings is to encourage dialogue between participants and help build strategies that will support citizens’ initiatives, so that there will be improved collective organisation as well as improved living conditions.

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