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#Comun_ESS: communicating SSE – registration open
February 26, 2019
Comun ESS

The registration period for Comun_ESS, Meeting of Communication and Solidarity Economy, which will celebrate its third edition from 15 to 17 March in Barcelona, is now open.

Organized by the Xarxa de Economia Solidària and the REAS Red de Redes, these dates will be used to meet and continue to reflect and build a new communication paradigm that reflects the values of the SSE and allows us to broaden our reach, our audience and our practices.

Under the slogan “They talk about us”, this edition of the meeting will include training, conferences, round tables and practical workshops to explore new tasks, resources and strategies for building communication for social transformations. Initiatives and projects from all over Spain will be present, as well as people responsible for communicating the different SSE initiatives.

More information:: comunicarestransformar.net

Media: STIR (UK) community toolbox special issue

“Our spring  2017 issue is a Community Toolbox of illustrated how-tos and articles to support more community-led change. With so many communities now interested in buying local assets and using co-operative governance, we decided to invite leading practitioners to introduce a tool and how it works.

How do you engage your local community? One way to start is to co-create a Local Economicc Blueprint. This tool is about bringing people together to explore how to change procurement strategies  at local anchor institutions, the opportunities for import substitution, and how to support local enterprises. It’s a really useful tool that allows you to identify local needs and build a strategy on how to get there, without assuming what the community needs. “

To help you set up, this issue addresses different themes:

  • What is Community Economic Development?
  • How to Create a Local Economic Blueprint?
  • How to Make Decisions Online ?
  • How to Make a Community Space Work
  • How to Set up a Community Co-op

You can find more informations here:


You can should more informations specifically  about solidarity economy on this issue:


About the Magazine

STIR magazine is a quarterly print magazine of new economic ideas and original art in 2013. We publish international contributors on the co-operative movement, the global commons, solidarity economics and many other emerging political practices. Moving beyond traditional political commentary, we explore the inspiring and viable alternatives that represent a serious challenge to the current political crisis.

STIR magazine explores community ownership, co-operatives, post-growth economics, food sovereignty, alternative finance, law and social change, open data, cultural activism, peer-to-peer production, and the future of work.
Sources: https://www.stirtoaction.com/

Zaragoza: Communicating is Changemaking!
December 17, 2015

After three days of meeting, #Comun_Ess, the 1st Meeting on Communication and Social and solidarity economy organized by Reas Aragon ended with an attendance of about 60 people from the world of communication and social and solidarity economy, interested in improving their communicative practices and meet other entities to establish alliances and support networks.

“The workshops and sessions have seen the participation of more than 40 related organisations, among which there have been important contacts and exchanges that have enabled the development of common strategies, which continue to work in the future”, as stated by Daniel Resón, one of the spokesmen for the Forum. From the point of view of the organization, the meeting has been a success having met the goals we set out: production and exchange of knowledge, the pooling of tools and resources and the creation of common awareness, among others.

The Pignatelli students residence, where the meeting took place, has been the scene of presentations and collaborative dynamics that have shown us the strengths, opportunities and points of improvement both of REAS, the network of networks, and the Social and solidarity economy movement, and how the communicative function should be practiced, discussions on the appropriateness of the use of mass communication tools, versus other more direct tools or the ways to build identities in complex societies such as the present one, etc. The workshops in the 3 days also focused on “Social networks and transparency and participation” as well as “Social Marketing” and “Relationships with media and institutions”.

The meeting among like minded people has been deeply rewarding, and there has been a strong consensus on the need to “improve the way we communicate and get more clear and informative Solidarity economy goals towards the public opinion”, as José Luis Mateos has stated, a cooperative partner of the cultural and publishing distributer “Traficantes de Sueños”.

This has been the beginning of a collaborative process of construction of a strategic communication Plan for the Social and solidarity economy, to which all those belonging to the network of networks REAS or related entities are invited to participate.

More information: www.comunicarestransformar.net


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