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Synergia online course: Towards Co-operative Common Wealth

Dear Colleagues,

You know we are living in perilous times. The need for systemic change has never been more obvious or more urgent – for people and planet.We at Synergia are reaching out to you because we believe you are committed to the common struggle for transformative change. As an international network of senior, lifelong practitioners and community educators we are shaping our contribution around two core areas of work:

a) Designing accessible, high quality educational resources that can be leveraged by change agents everywhere to create system changing solutions fitted to local contexts. Our online learning platform offers discussion and exchange of practical knowledge and strategies for action leading to systemic change and the provision of basic needs

b) Providing training and education programming to change makers –whether individuals or organizations – through intensive, face-to-face courses that fit solutions and strategic thinking to solving key issues in strategic sectors. In 2017 we piloted a MOOC (Massive, Open, Online Course) to test our ideas, methods and tools. Over 600 people registered from 24 countries. We learned a lot.

Beginning March 11, 2019 we are offering the newly revised course where change makers from many fields can experience and utilize contemporary, cutting edge content to advance their work. The course will be offered in two four week segments. Registration details to follow. We would like you to join us and take full advantage of this unique learning opportunity. We have two requests . We are seeking your help to make staff and members of your networks aware of the opportunity to connect with others in the solidarity & social economy, co-operative, commons, sustainability, and green social movements to learn from each other and to advance our collective efforts at systems change.

We also invite you to leverage the course to advance your own capacity, further your organization’s mission, and strengthen your networks and alliances.We will design the means by which the participants you target can be given space on our online platform to dialogue collectively around what they are learning and the implications for their work. Peer-to-peer learning and knowledge creation is a key priority and we are encouraging the formation of study circles and local action circles to reflect upon and apply the lessons learned in this course to active issues and local contexts. The Synergia MOOC offers a certificate and we are working to secure undergraduate and Masters level accreditation. The course is free at the certificate level. The cost of degree accreditation is not yet finalized.Our aim now is to make this free online program as widely available as possible. With your help and involvement, we can make this happen. To learn more about the theories and approaches that underpin our vision and work, see the attached course overview and visit: https://synergiainstitute.wordpress.com/

To learn more about our face-to-face programs, click here: https://vimeo.com/305934

If you have questions about the MOOC or if you want to discuss how we can help facilitate group learning that is geared to your priorities and objectives, please contact Michael Lewis at lewiscccr@shaw.ca

We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

The Synergia Team

Michael Lewis, John Restakis, Mike Gismondi and Pat Conaty

Synergia Summer Institute, Italy (Sept 11 – 23, 2016): Transition to Co-operative Commonwealth
June 13, 2016

The Synergia Institute is excited to be launching its first face-to-face training program this September in Tuscany! For change makers everywhere this program offers an opportunity to explore real pathways to system change with leading experts in their fields.

Read more

Greece: 3rd Festival for Solidarity and Cooperative Economy (10-12 October 2014)
October 9, 2014

Athens, October 10-12 2014 – The #Festival4sce – or Festival for Solidarity and Cooperative Economy – is attracting more and more initiatives: for the third consecutive year at the Cultural Centre of Helliniko, for the first time this year foreign initiatives will be participating apart from the Greek ones. Including participants form the RIPESS Europe member networks, like Jordi Ribas (XES).

With the slogan “Another World Already Exists”, the  Programme Of The Festival is very rich and inviting.  Visit the Crowdfunding Campaign to support the self-financed event.  And the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube social network feeds…

“In a Greece of social, economic and environmental crisis, where the state social structures are collapsing and the commons are under threat,  where unemployment and economic distress are a reality for many of us… those to blame for the scam they call “the crisis” have not been held responsible for their crimes and the rotten promise of magical growth is still a repeated mantra.

But not all of us are sitting idle and settling for empty promises. On the contrary, we are participating more and more actively in groups and networks of solidarity, alternative exchange and cooperative economy, giving life to a world where human values count much more than profit making.

These projects, which are expanding across all over the country, do not only represent a way of survival in our everyday struggles, but also represent a society that has rejected the capitalistic system of values.

We, the groups that co-organize and participate in the Festival of Solidarity & Cooperative Economy, do not expect to cash our action in for votes, future earnings or social recognition, like other charitable or (non)social organisations that advertise their so-called “social action” do.

Our ultimate goal is to create social, and hence economic, structures that are based on people and not on profit. We don’t want to return to the Pre-Memorandum* times;  we foster instead self-organisation, self-sufficiency and true prosperity, regardless of economic indicators.

The large-scale participation in the first and the second Festival left a smile on our faces and a lot of food for thought as well as a strong willing for more action. Today we are preparing for the continuation of this effort, expanding frontiers and aiming at networking and exchanging experiences and concerns among groups, but also informing citizens about a different world, a world that is not only feasible and imperative, but one that already exists.”

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