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July 2, 2014 at 7:46 pm


Taking into account  differences between European countries  and the goals we’ve got as a RIPESS Europe it seems necessary to us to prepare some sort of report giving pictures of the level of consciousness and implementation of very wide notions we’re calling “responsible consumption”.

As for beginning we have designed the critical points of responsible consumption we would like to develop and decrypt with your help as the most competent and closest witnesses you are  in your countries.

It would be a huge support for me  if you were able to share you experience and knowledge about the following questions:

Starting point in different European countries:

a)     what is the level of consciousness in your country?

b)    Do this issues appear in public debate?

c)     What other organisation are working on RC?

d)    What is the attitude of public institutions? Does the “green” or “responsible” procurement work? Is there any overt “will” from public side (local governments, institutions, etc) to support us?

e)     How about consumers/society?  What is the relationship between offer and demand in the market

f) Others important circumstances in your country that should be mentioned.

As you could see it is more like open questions and any suggestion from your part or just information you think is crucial to understand your regional circumstances are warmly welcome.
Once we have it done it would be easier to prepare a vision and plan to implement it  bearing in mind differences and subtleties of each country.
As we have already fixed the date of our next meeting: 13-14. September  (Athens) there is no time to loose, and I would be very thankful for your prompt response : it could be here on the forum or directly on my email:
With solidarity,