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State of the Art
ZAD (Zone to defend), dismantling of public services and the “other possible world”
April 20, 2018

In France, as the government prepares to complete the dismantling of public services, from rail to university, mobilisations and resistance are organized. This editorial calls to take into account, in addition to these mobilizations, the different forms of revolt but also initiatives carrying another “possible world”. The current social movement rekindles the sense of resistance to the laws of the market and financial speculation, reenact the revolts of the past and rediscovers the very essence of real democracy. The experience of the ZAD is eloquent in this respect, the state exercises the “monopoly of legitimate violence” against a collective management of commons, whose very idea is unacceptable by the current existing order. At the SNCF, in the hospital environment, in multiple companies, the idea is moving to reclaim production tools, to master its work, its skills and its efforts to act on their social utility. A variety of initiatives, rooted in the solidarity economy, contribute to the opening of new ways of social transformation.

Read the whole article – appeal here (in French – Liberation).

(Co-signed by: Michèle Riot-Sarcey, historian ; Francis Sitel, codirector of the magazine Contretemps ; Jean-Louis Laville, socio-économist of the Critique collective and member of the RIPESS Europe advisory council ; Lionel Maurel, author of the blog S.I.Lex ; Jean Claude Boual, Collectif des associations citoyennes ; Patricia Coler, Mouvement pour l’économie solidaire ; Claude Sicard, activist ; Laura Aufrère, member of the RIPESS Europe Coordination Committee).

Manifesto for Transformative Social Innovation
February 20, 2018

The Manifesto for Transformative Social Innovation Version 0.1 has been written by people involved in a number of networks, initiatives and research groups that focus on initiating, facilitating and/or understanding transformative change and social innovation towards more sustainable, just and resilient societies. After a process of 4 years, led by 25 researchers and the TRANSIT’s final conference ‘Learning for Change’ in September 2017 in Rotterdam, the idea of a manifesto was used as an entry point to share, compare and debate thoughts and experiences on the delights and challenges of transformative social innovation.

It is written by and for activists, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, citizens, critical intellectuals and other engaged individuals who are interested in understanding and contributing to social change to face the challenges of our times and to imagine alternative futures.

The aim of this document is to unite those people, to identify complementarities, differences, common insights and challenges. The purpose of doing so is to formulate a common call for action to create focus and momentum for collaboration. To this end, this manifesto also deliberates what we mean by ‘transformative’ and ‘social’ innovation, what it has to offer and what sets it apart from other types of change or innovation.

The process in ongoing with 20 Translocal Networks working on social change under study, among them RIPESS Europe.The Manifesto has been endorsed already by RIPESS Europe, many other nerworks and individuals.

You will find the text of the Manifesto here.


Greece : New “Fruits of Solidarity” campaign is about to set up
December 11, 2017

‘Fruits of Solidarity” is an exports campaign project of Greek coop products (mostly olive oil & oils), supported by Dock – Social Solidarity Economy Zone* aiming at the creation of a new node in the existing network of production, distribution, exportation and consumption of coop products, based on the principles and values of social solidarity economy.

Read more

The UNIVERSSE il calling you! Add a star and make it brighter!

Last days to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign to support the participation in the Solidarity Economy Congress in Athens (see the campaign here: https://en.goteo.org/project/universse2017congress

When the planet is coughing and people are suffocated under the capitalist sphere, it’s time to reach for the sky.  We must continue to draw the constellations between the Social Solidarity Economy initiatives, ranging from cooperatives to mutual associations, exchange networks, alternative currencies, time banks, eco-communities and grassroots initiatives which form the European SSE galaxy. First of all to create essential connections for the emergence of collective intelligence, but also to work together in a common direction, using the same map.

Our mission is to Democratize Economy, Emancipate Society and Empower Change!  By highlighting SSE and its impact, we hope to motivate more people to adopt its philosophy and add their stars in the UniverSSE.  We aim to show that SSE can create new work opportunities, true relationships among people, real democracy and greater care for the environment. 

UniverSSE is a story of a huge galaxy that shines around Europe and tries to help us raise our sight to other solutions.

From the 9th to the 11th of June, we will hold a congress at The Agricultural  University of Athens: the 4th European Social and Solidarity Economy Congress – UniverSSE 2017 (See the program here: https://universse2017.org/en/program/ )

For this 3 day congress, SSE organizations, groups and individuals from all over Europe will meet, and have the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas, experiences, expertise and common strategies around SSE. We are also happy to announce that the 6th General Assembly of Ripess EU  will be held in Athens, as part of the Congress. 

This is where YOU come in. So that no one is eclipsed,  it’s important to be able to cover all travel and accommodation expenses for members of Social and Solidarity Economy groups that are coming to participate in the congress, especially those who can not afford to come. We need also to finance the administrative costs of the event.  We have started a crowdfunding campaign to collect 5000€ to support the project. Comet or an asteroid, everyone must be able to take part in this collective journey and express their voice. We no longer content ourselves with watching the world of tomorrow through a telescope, let us be the explorers! Can you afford to give 10, 20, €50 or more to help create the UniverSSE? Please donate, promote this important meeting, and spread the crowdfunding campaign far and wide! Let’s not leave anyone behind!

Crowdfunding: Everybody has a place in UniverSSE 2017!


UniverSSE 2017 is the 4th European Congress for Social Solidarity Economy that will take place in Athens from the 9th till the 11th of June. Cooperatives, grassroot initiatives, SSE organizations, groups and people that work to promote and advance SSE from all over Europe will meet for the event.


During the 3day Congress, we are going to have the  opportunity  to  discuss  and  exchange  ideas,  experiences,  expertise and common strategies around SSE. We consider SSE to be a dynamic space that spreads all over Europe, in which people organize their social and economic activity in many different ways. This event is a great opportunity to enhance SSE’s visibility in Greece and to build strong connections amongst people, groups and coops on a European level. We are also happy to announce that the 6th General Assembly of Ripess EU will be held in Athens as well, as part of the Congress.


Our motivation is to include in the Congress as many key players in the field of SSE as possible.    Spread around Europe there are many different groups linked to SSE that are working on a local or a national level. In order to build a stronger network in between these groups we want to create a space of cooperation. So this summer in Athens the UniverSSE2017 congress will take place. It will be the meeting point for people, collective ventures, SSE organizations and groups all around Europe, who work to promote and enhance SSE. Based on the 7 thematic spaces of the Congress, we will discuss and exchange experiences, ideas, expertise and conclusions around SSE and decide on the next steps to implement strong cooperation on a European level.

These are the reasons that we want to organize the UniverSSE 2017 congress. The participation of everybody is crucial in order to achieve the goals described above. We want initiatives from all countries to be able to participate and share their experiences,  especially groups from countries that face the bigger financial and social problems. Everybody has a place in the SSE universe, regardless of the financial conditions, lets not forget that Solidarity is a building block of this economy.


Our main goal is not to leave anyone behind. Through this campaign, we would like to cover the travel and accommodation expenses of members of SSE groups that will share with us valuable practical experiences by participating in the Congress. As those groups don’t have the means to cover those expenses neither the connection to other projects, the campaign will help them to join, cooperate and plan with us the future of UniverSSE. Furthermore, a smaller amount will be used to cover administration costs, such as printing material (posters and brochures) that will be used during the Congress and also the cost of production and printing of a booklet with the results of the Congress. This booklet will be distributed on a European level and it will be a useful reference guide that will help in spreading the information and inspiring more people to join the SSE universe.  Solidarity for us is not just a word, is an everyday practise in all the aspects of our lives.  So we invite you all to help us make this possible!


Solidarity exports with Greece
October 7, 2016
soli-oli campaign

During this summer (from July until September) the campaign of solidarity exports travelled to Berlin, after Belgium and Luxembourg through the cooperation of social organisations and SSE initiatives in Germany and in Greece. The “heart” of the campaign is how an alternative – fair and solidarity trade , without mediators with full access to all information about quality, origin, working conditions, environmental impact of the products is possible.

Read more

For a citizens’ spring in 2017
June 7, 2016

[Article – appeal from MES – Mouvement pour l’Economie Solidaire]

At a time of strong social mobilization, of struggles against the  “security” and freedom of expression repression, by citizens movements in which we are engaged, we invited the networks to converge around the SSE, in a meeting which took place on May 17, 2016. In fact, democracy is in danger. Disenchanted citizens are turning away from representative democracy, tempted by political adventurism and closing upon themselves. The counter-powers are being attacked and have limited influence. Therefore citizens organize themselves and initiatives that are alternatives to this blocked, perverted and inequitable system which resulted from the ultra-liberal drift are emerging all over.  [Continues in French]

Read more

SSE in defense of democracy in Brazil

The movements for social solidarity economy express their support and solidarity with the Brazilian society and solidarity economy, which live crucial moments in defense of democracy and transformations achieved by the social movement in recent years.

We invite organizations of the social solidarity economy on all continents to support this Declaration and to disseminate information about the alarming situation in Brazil with their media and social movements, with the aim of breaking the hegemonic discourse imposed and state clearly that it is a blow against democracy.

In Twitter posts, please add #EconomiaSolidariaPelaDemocracia

April 18th, 2016. Read more

Refugees: community and grassroot solidarity initiatives are multiplying
April 2, 2016

As the European “refugee crisis” is getting worse every day and governments react with emergency and short term strategies, mainly to contain the number of people entering the EU or keeping them in specific areas (with agreements that ignore human rights, such as the one between the EU and Turkey), more and more people are organising and welcoming those fleeing from war zones such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq.  Some cities as well have started to mobilise, such as Barcelona, which has created a system to inform, assist and involve refugees in a more open and democratic way. In Germany and Italy, many communities are moving and involving social solidarity economy initiatives to help refugees out of the emergency.

In Greece, Solidarity for all is working with many solidarity initiatives that are now concentrated on the issue.  There is also a Refugees’ Fund crowdfunding campaign, promoted by Fair CoopThis fund will focus on helping autonomous and self-managed projects involving refugees and solving their need to retain full control over the decisions made in their lives.
For example new settlements, and the creation of productive and holistic initiatives with which they can fulfill their material and immaterial needs on a daily basis, while offering something useful to the society in which they find themselves.
For contributions and more info click on this link: https://coopfunding.net/en/campaigns/refugees-fund-faircoop/

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